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Left 4 Dead is the ultimate multiplayer game. Play as the Survivors and desperately try to survive while fighting off hordes of swarming zombies. Play as the Infected and try to stop the Survivors from making it to their destination. No matter what side you're on, you'll have to work together and strategize to win.



We’re finally ready to kick off our new Events section of the site. Events are for all you L4D players who love to meet new people and just play some good ol’ fashioned Left 4 Dead. We have all sorts of different events planned already.

Our first Event is Achievement Hunters. We’ll put you on a four person group and you’ll spend the whole evening getting achievements that you’ve been wanting. For each event that you participate in, you’ll get a badge on your profile!

These events are strictly non-competitive so relax and have fun!

To sign up for the events, you have to register for the site. You can do so by clicking the door in the bottom right corner above the health bar and then clicking the ’Register’ link. Once registered, click the event link to the right. Read all the details and the rules and then click the Sign Up button. The day of the event, we’ll post the 4-person teams and you can friend each other.

Already have all the achievements? You can still play! Just send an email to zeldanerdster@left4deadsaferoom.com and let him know that you just want to help others get acheivements! Zeldanerdster is running this section so feel free to send him any questions you have!

Updates and Events

We’ve been making a few small changes to the site. The user HUD is now on every page instead of just the Tournaments section. We also added comments on user profiles and team profiles so that you guys can communicate if you’re trying to recruit people or look for good players. All of this is to get ready to release our Events section of the site.

The tournaments part of the site isn’t getting much action. We’d love to have tournaments, but we just don’t have enough teams signed up. Events will be fun gatherings for all individual registered users to get together and just play for fun. Each event will be sort of like a Mutation. You’ll be able to sign up for events. Then we will randomly break everyone into teams of 4 for the events. This will be a good way for you to meet new people and possibly form competitive teams. Zeldanerdster will be running the events section. A few ideas for events are listed below.


  • Achievement Hunting Night
  • Sabateur
  • Secondary Only
  • Throwback
  • Partners
  • Scavenge Night

We’re currently testing the Events part of the site. Once it’s ready, we’ll release it and start hosting these events.

If you have suggestions for events, let us know by commenting below or emailing zeldanerdster@left4deadsaferoom.com

Dead Air BETA Video

I finally got around to playing Dead Air BETA on the PC and making a video to show all you XBOX users the changes that have been made to it to bring it to L4D2. Check it out.


After getting little feedback on the idea of having a tournament soon, I’ve decided to leave it in your hands. Here’s the deal: We will host a tournament once there are a total of 10 teams in our Tournaments section. There’s already 2 teams signed up so all we need is 8 more. If you want a tournament (with prizes), then you need to spread the word, sign up, and form your teams.



We were originally going to wait until Cold Stream was released to have our next tournament, but it’s taking too long. We’re thinking about having a tournament soon. Let us know what you think and if you’d participate. We’re also accepting suggestions on maps/modes/etc...

Leave a comment to let us know what you think.

If this tournament happens, we WILL still have one when Cold Stream comes out like we always do when new DLC is released. We’re just tired of waiting...

Quick Update

Hey guys!

I know things have been a little dead around here and we haven’t been updating very much. That’s about to change. I’m working on some much needed improvements to the Tournaments section so hopefully people will start forming more teams and playing matches. We WILL be having a tournament when The Sacrifice is released and your team will be seeded based on how high you are on our ladder. That means the more matches you play (and win) on our site before the tournament the higher seed you will get.

I’ll also start updating the twitter feed more often so make sure you’re following us to get quick updates.


If you’re a PC player, make sure you play Cold Stream BETA soon. Since enough people are playing it, VALVe’s going to release L4D2 Dead Air for PC early! If you don’t have the PC version, now’s a good time to get it. It’s on sale over at Steam. If you hate PCs, don’t worry. Our site will always cator more towards you XBOX players!

Cold Stream (Beta) Walkthrough

Last Man on Earth returns!

One of my personal favorite mutations has returned: Last Man on Earth. To recap, they stopped doing new, community-made mutations for a while when people complained that they didn’t count towards the Mutant Overlord achievement. This is one of the few repeats that I’m glad to see back!

Last Week’s Poll: Tier one or not?
The results are in and it looks like you want tier one weapons at the beginning of Cold Stream. Personally, I thought it worked fine with melee/pistol only and I thought L4D2 could use another campaign like that, but what do I know?

This Week’s Poll: Tier two?
Where do you want to see tier two weapons appear in Cold Stream? Do you want them to randomly appear in certain areas like The Passing, or do you want them to always be in the same place that you can rely on? These polls are important as they will further shape the DLC campaign so make sure you vote!

For all you XBOX users, we’ve been working on posting our Cold Stream BETA walkthroughs so we can show you what it’s like so far. Head to our YouTube page to check them out. Once we get the last one uploaded, we’ll create a news post here that will contain them all. 

Cold Stream (BETA) Release

In case you didn’t hear, Cold Stream is the next DLC coming out for L4D2. It’s a community made map. VALVe is all about making this DLC totally driven by the community. That said, they have realeased a BETA version of the campaign so that they can gather feedback. They’ll be taking our advice and making constant changes to the map up until the release. If you have L4D2 for PC, go check it out. Play through it a couple times and let VALVe know what you think by posting on their forums. I’ve played through it a couple of times and I’m very impressed. We’ll be posting a more detailed review very soon as well as some gameplay footage on our YouTube page.


New L4D2 DLC Announced

Lately, VALVe's really been pushing for community content with the addition of community made mutations and the support for community made campaigns on the PC version. It looks like us 360 users are finally going to get a taste.

The new DLC will include the three remaining L4D1 campaigns. This is good news and bad. Although it would be cool to play them with the L4D2 SI and items, this means L4D1 will be even more dead than it already is. The DLC will also include a community made campaign made by Matthew Lourdelet called Cold Stream. This campaign is not yet finished and VALVe is asking the players to provide feedback so that the community can shape the campaign. Cold Stream will have nothing to do with the story so there will be no new audio files for the Survivors. If you'd like to give your ideas, head to the Cold Stream section of the Steam Forums.

There is no release date yet other than VALVe's trademark 'when it's ready' line.

Side Rant:
This gives me two indications that L4D1 will fade out. First, we're getting DLC only on L4D2. They aren't even attempting to give us Cold Stream on 1 and 2. Also, I've been waiting for them to bring I Hate Mountains (a brilliant community made campaign for L4D1) to the XBox. It's by far the most popular community map. If you can catch L4D1 on sale for PC, it's worth getting just to play this campaign and some of the other community made campaigns. But, it looks like VALVe is transitioning off of L4D1 and eventually will stop releasing DLC for it since all the maps are in L4D2...what a shame...


Next Event

No upcoming events. Check back soon!



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